Reader Question:

whenever is it OK to have sex with a man for the first time?

-Latoya Jones (Mississippi)

Professional’s Answer:

Hi, Latoya.

Which is a very important and also tough question that women suffer from if they begin internet dating another guy. Of course, the solution is dependent somewhat on your get older and readiness degree, the knowledge and intimate record, and on the guy you are internet dating. But you will find some tips which are great for every woman to bear in mind.

Do you really love him?

Love is more than that tingly feeling obtain in the middle of your feet. Love takes time and involves the heart and brain even more versus human body. Gender is probably an approach to work aside our really love and satisfy all of our warm emotions. You will need to think about if this is the guy available. Do you end up being satisfied and very happy to carry his son or daughter? This is certainly always the possibility once you have intercourse. Do you ever like him as an individual and feel more than just an actual attachment? Start thinking about how much time you have been with him. How long between conference a man and achieving sex with him is much longer younger you are. Sex doesn’t really have a place in senior high school, while the outcomes of really love, actually without sex, try not to truly go with that youthful circumstance. Gender is often some kind of commitment and not soleley a great time.

Does the guy love you?

a female is almost always prepared for an adult commitment before a guy is. Needless to say he is infatuated with your beauty and tenderness and is prepared your sex act, but that is lack of. Really does the guy take the time you’ll want to feel reputable and appreciated? That is great. Any time you say no to sex, will the guy be furious or leave you? That is not good. Is actually he all concerning the passion and hot motion, or is he thrilled to spend a day along with you from the park or running tasks whenever no personal time is present? Are you okay with having sexual intercourse with him if he never phone calls you again after ward?

When intercourse occurs too quickly, you always are in danger of making it just a physical commitment that never ever develops beyond the sack and burns off easily. Gender is not a prize the guy warrants for going out with you. It will be the culmination of a bond you produce collectively by becoming element of one another’s schedules when you have all of your garments on.

In my opinion that when he’s not happy to hold off or if perhaps he is pressuring you, it isn’t OK to have gender with him. If you are in a stable, warm scenario, you believe you can depend on him to keep loving you for all the person you happen to be, and you believe he or she is an actual guy who will take responsibility for their steps, then you can certainly think about having sexual intercourse after few weeks of exclusive dating. But always utilize protection, since you would be the one that will have to manage any undesirable outcomes.



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